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Welcome to the Cyber Hackademy, a partnership between the University of Napoli Federico II and Accenture.

The Cyber HackAdemy aims at training cybersecurity professionals who are able to confront themselves with advanced networking scenarios. In such contexts, cybersecurity must be dealt with by leveraging a holistic approach. Security must become first-class citizen since the very beginning of the design phase, by taking into account the high degree of heterogeneity of the network (access, core, transport, interconnect), as well as of the offered end-to-end services (automotive, manufacturing, media, energy, e-health, public safety, smart cities).

The HackAdemy activities focus on the enabling technologies behind the so-called “Industry4.0” ecosystem, with special reference to cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things). The education approach is hands-on and perfectly fits the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) paradigm.

The learning journey at the HackAdemy is based on the integration among on-line and/or in-presence training, self-learning and group-based experiential learning aimed at the solution of practical challenges of gradually increasing difficulty level.

Visit the page dedicated to the Cyber HackAdemy on the Accenture web site…

Training at the HackAdemy

The Cyber HackAdemy is a partnership between the University of Napoli Federico II and Accenture. Its main goal is to train cybersecurity experts in the framework of the so-called “Industry4.0” ecosystem

The initiative is all about designing and implementing advanced training activities in the cybersecurity field, with special reference to techniques and protocols for network security, cloud security (also in the presence of 5G infrastructures), IoT ecosystems, as well as “Offensive Defense” methodologies.

The training path is organized in three phases:

  1. Acquisition of basic skills for the design of effective cybersecurity solutions;
  2. Drill-down study on vertical fields such as cloud-based architectures, IoT ecosystems and ethical hacking;
  3. Group-based “project-work” focused on topics of interest for the market.

Students who will have successfully completed their learning journey at the HackAdemy will be offered a chance to spend a six-months internship at Accenture. Based on the results achieved, Accenture may also hire them in one of its sites.

Photo Gallery Graduation Day 2020

Curious about the HackAdemy mood and atmosphere? Have a look at pics from the 2020 “Graduation Day”!